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First and foremost, to my mother. We've have some days better and some worse, but she's always been there, giving her opinion... you know how moms do :p

My family, you've all given me the love and support I needed. My friends, from all around the world. Corona made me a 'very hermit' guy, but there's so many faces I miss and I hope to see again soon. All my teachers from the Esper Studio, specially Quincy Beard who helped me endure the difficult times while teaching me how to pronounce a CUP sound (hopefully she wont listen to me saying it out loud), and Bruce McCarty, who's love for the technique and the process are admirable and inspiring and who guided me through some of the toughest scenes while letting me discover what I needed; and every soul in that institution, your energy is food for the soul.

Behind every piece in this website there's been a lot of hard work, patience and the will of some individuals who got together trying to create something bigger than themselves. So I want to give special thanks to all who helped me in this process, specially to Elise Wilkes, we almost killed each other a couple of times, but without her this would've been a hell lot more complicated and I might not have finished.

So Thank You.

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